We start our consultations with really getting to know your business and all it’s nitty-gritties. We do this by having a one-on-one dialogue with you, where we ask a series of questions. This is how we uncover what makes your brand unique and relevant, and what success looks like to you.


We then use these insights to brainstorm and custom-make brand identity and packaging solutions that are built around your business. And we work closely together with you to ensure that you reach the right audience at the right time.



Adorn is a creative agency created out of love. A love for helping businesses grow. A love for helping them leave their mark on the world. And a love for supporting local communities and businesses become their unique, best selves.

We offer businesses with beautiful, functional and accessible design. We get to know you and your business, your dreams and your aspirations. And then we invest ourselves in helping you bring out your best, and help bridge the gap from your current reality to your unique idea of success.


This personalized approach is what we believe to be our biggest strength, and your business’s greatest asset.




Tanisha's love for thinking and creativity started young, when she built herself a dollhouse out of a huge cardboard box. Being able to figure out how much of the box to cut for the foundation and how much for the people and furniture had piqued her curiosity, and she discovered that she could see beyond the obvious.

With a dual educational background in graphic design and marketing and over 5 years of experience in sales leadership has provided Tanisha with an advantageous blend of creative management and business savvy that enables maximize customer satisfaction.


Over the past 10 years, she has worked on a variety of design projects. Her love for how creativity can make someone smile and brings success to a business drives her, and she derives immense satisfaction in helping her customers succeed.

Adorn brings her experience as a designer, a marketer and a project manager to become a full service solution for all your brand identity and packaging needs.


Check out her feature in Voyage ATL:


“I've been utilizing their services for several years. They always bring my visions alive with creativity and the finish product always surpasses my expectations.  Always prompt and professional."

- Keshia Gray, Karm's Treats


We would love to hear about yourself, project, and how you discovered us. From brand identity, creating packaging or looking for business resources to get your small business started. We would love to chat with you.